Entries are now open

You can now make entry for Bubo cup 2018!

After 3 years on Cres island, in 2018 we will deliver very similar concept of the races, but this time in terrain closer to Slovenian/Italian part of Adriatic coast. Terrain in these areas is excellent as anyone who has ever participated in Lipica open can tell you. Apart from 4 forest stages, we will do one Sprint in charming coastal town of Izola. You’re welcome to explore website for some more information!

Bubo cup 2017 is over

So, Bubo cup 2017 is over. Congratulations to everyone who managed to finish the courses in this quite extreme weather. Luckily, the shade of Tramuntana forests made things a bit easier for all of us.

Next year Bubo cup will take place in Kras region in Slovenia in some really cool terrain and only about 25min away from Adriatic coast. The concept with early starts will be very similar to the last 3 editions on Cres island.

Big thanks to everyone for coming to this event!

See you around!


Start lists, Bulletin etc..

This is probably the last piece of news before the event itself… it means we’re very close :).

Start lists are at OrienteeringOnline! This is also where results and splits will be published after each stage.

Bulletin_Bubo cup_2017 is here!

Competition office In Cres town school playground will open on July 31st at 18:00 and will close at 21:00. The same place will be used for Stage 1 Finish arena.
Location Competition office July 31st and Stage 1.

Last but not least, please check the offer of our friends and co-organizers of orienteering on Cres island, Tramontana outdoor. It’s the same people who are running Tramontana pansion in Beli. They provide all kind of cool services (Boat trips, Diving courses, gasrto tours, Stand up paddling…) and of course delicious Mediterranean food! You’re very welcome to pay a visit to their restaurant in Beli after competitions!

tramontana beli


And remember: No stress on Cres ;)! See you soon!


You can now make entry to Bubo cup 2017!

Entries to Bubo cup 2017 are now open, you can enroll for the race through OrienteeringOnline!

Just like in last two years we will use areas in Tramuntana forest and and Cres olive groves. In 2018 Bubo cup will most likely be organized in another part of Croatia, so grab your chance for some great orienteering on Cres island 2017!


Thanks to all of you for coming to Bubo cup 2016! We hope that you enjoyed intersting terrain, relaxed atmosphere in Finish areas and crystal clear sea after the races. Even for us, the organizers, this event is half holiday, we really enjoyed it, like always on Cres!

Next year it will again be possible to combine OOcup and Bubo cup. And we will again try to add some new terrain, perhaps in another part of Cres.

Last but not least, I’m really happy to have a chance to work with such a great team. Might sound pathetic, but you are the best! Thanks a lot, guys!


See you,



First day finished – results

Hope you enjoyed the olive groves in Cres!

Results of the first stage can be found on OrienteeringOnline. This is also where will publish them after each stage.

Tomorrow something completely different! The old forest of Tramuntana…

Enjoy the day at the sea and see you tomorrow.

And don’t forget; No stress on Cres!


See you very soon and additional parking Stage 1

After pretty big and exhausting OOcup in the Alps, now it’s time for Bubo cup in Mediterranean. And do not forget: No stress on Cres! 😉

There are two more payable parkings in Cres town which are not marked in the Bulletin. This is interesting for stgae 1. See below:


See you (very) soon!